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Spousal Support

Four Sources to Consider When Restructuring Your Income Post-Divorce

If you are a non-working spouse going through a divorce, it’s important to fully understand your sources of income and determine whether you need to return to work to supplement your maintenance...


Part 2: Top Spousal and Child Support Questions: An Interview with Rachel Anderson, Family Law Attorney

In part one of this post, we introduced Rachel Anderson, family attorney at Anderson Allen, LLC. Rachel works with divorcing couples in Colorado and has experience in all types of family law...


Stress Testing a Budget in Divorce

Transitioning financially through divorce has many moving parts. Stress testing your strategy regarding how income and expenses can change your circumstances in the future is important to consider....


Financial Opportunities Surface Within Challenging Spousal Support Changes

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) that went into effect this year for divorcing couples has drastically changed the financial landscape for individuals from prior years. The most significant...


Will Spousal Support (Alimony) Continue to Be Tax Deductible in 2018?

Currently, alimony is on the chopping block under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA), meaning there would be no deduction provided for the paying spouse and the receiving spouse would no longer...