Frequently Asked Questions

I have an attorney who represents me, why should I seek more help? -

Attorneys provide you with the necessary legal framework necessary to protect your interests. To use an analogy, if you were a painter your lawyer would represent your interests and advocate for the tools you need such as canvases, brushes and paints. A.M. Financial is the artist who assists you regarding how to go about painting your picture – what is the effect of the paint you choose, different brushes, the size of the canvas, do you have enough paint and when and how to apply the white paint to avoid smudging the picture? We are professionals who are committed to helping you prepare, transition and paint the masterpiece that you envision moving forward.

How does A.M. Financial help me and my attorney? +

A.M. Financial supports you and your attorney by organizing and providing comprehensive financial information regarding your case allowing you to make informed decisions. This information provides a framework to help identify and prioritize your needs. Education is provided regarding the transition and the effects of settlement options. Comparison reports are provided outlining the results of different scenarios. Post-divorce assistance is also provided to ensure all financial matters are addressed and resolved.

Who hires A.M. Financial to do the work? +

Individuals or couples can hire A.M. Financial where we act as a financial neutral regardless, providing individuals or couples the financial information they need to empower them to make decisions separately or together. The information is the same regardless of who our client is. The only difference is whom the information is provided to – if a couple hires A.M. Financial we are required to share all information to both parties. Information is considered private and never shared when an individual hires A.M. Financial separately.

How does A.M. Financial get compensated for divorce transition services? +

A flat rate is charged based on the size of your marital estate, please see agreement for fee schedule. Hourly fees are offered through a retainer. Please view the service agreement for details regarding fees offered.

Who does A.M. Financial work with? +

A.M. Financial works with attorneys, mediators, accountants, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, QDRO specialists and employers. A critical part to the planning process is gathering and integrating pertinent information from each of these areas in to a workable plan. In some cases, leaving out one of these professionals can significantly set a client back in the future. A.M. Financial understands what to look for and when to bring other professionals into the process.

Divorce is expensive, how does working with A.M. Financial through my divorce save me money? +

Dividing two households is expensive. When attorneys are involved it can be more expensive. A.M. Financial supports you and your attorney allowing your attorney to focus on the legal aspects of your case while transferring the financial aspects to the financial professional who bills at lower rates. The combination of these realities increases the quality of the professional services you receive as well as decreases the total overall cost.