Divorce Transition Services

The path through divorce looks different for everyone.  Whether you have chosen to walk the road alone, seek the assistance of a mediator or retain legal representation, A.M. Financials’ expert financial divorce services can help.


You may choose to face the complex world of divorce on your own because you feel you get along with your spouse well enough and can work together to save money and ultimately accomplish the primary goal of parting ways.  However, at some point along the way you may experience becoming overwhelmed with where to start, confused that the division of finances might be more complex then you had anticipated or unsure that the financial agreements in front of you will meet your future needs.

Would you like to be able to see how your current financial situation will transform into the future?  We have found that helping clients build a new financial picture that they can understand, virtually feel and touch, dramatically decreases the stress, anxiety and uncertainties associated with current decisions.  It also allows for more creative settlement options to be utilized to achieve each party’s unique goals moving forward.

Mediator or Legal Representation

Many couples choose to work with a trained mediator to assist them in achieving a settlement agreement.  Other individuals prefer to retain legal representation for protection and to understand their legal rights.  Some issues that could remain unresolved during these processes that A.M. Financial can help you with are the following:

  • Identifying cash flow problems – keeping a home that won’t be able to be refinanced
  • Addressing income tax items – mortgage interest deductions or loss carry forwards
  • Analyzing and valuing retirement assets – What is the current, marital value of a pension?
  • Preparing for cash flow needs to avoid tax penalties – distributions from retirement accounts
  • Establishing and integrating a comprehensive, workable budget into the agreement that sets up both parties for success.

Working with A.M. Financial through this process allows the time with other professionals to be more productive and move your case forward.  It also increases the value of the services provided to you by allowing each professional to do what they do best and pay them accordingly.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a new and growing method of divorce where a team of professionals support the couple who wishes to work together out of court.  The goal is to help achieve higher priorities, reducing the emotional and financial toll and thus providing a respectful foundation for moving forward.

Both parties have separate attorneys that are collaboratively trained and mutually respect both perspectives.  A neutral financial specialist is assigned to help individuals and the team to understand the financial aspects of their agreements. Trained facilitators guide the process, address and resolve conflicts to keep the process moving forward.  As needed, other professionals such as child advocates, divorce coaches, mortgage and real estate professionals, business valuation specialists and tax professionals are brought in to help address issues that surface.  Through the advice of counsel, clients can choose when other professionals are brought in to the process and for what purpose.

Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals