​Service Plan

A comprehensive financial approach helps answer your questions by integrating all financial issues moving forward for both parties. Proposals are analyzed and client receives easy to understand graphs that project financial results for each party helping them with overwhelming choices they face.  The following are items that are integrated into the analysis:

  • Asset growth
  • After tax asset values
  • Income tax changes
  • Taxes due to transfer or property sold
  • Income growth and potential
  • Long-term budget
  • Cash flow and liquidity issues
  • Taxes due to asset distribution
  • Post-divorce division and transitioning


$2,500 retainer  |  $225/hour

If a full analysis is not required, the retainer can be adjusted per AMF’s discretion, and separate financial concerns that require additional detailed financial support can be provided.  Common separate issues include:

  • Mortgage lending requirements
  • Spousal support evaluation
  • Asset/debt division strategy
  • Tax review
  • Asset transfer assistance
  • Stock option analysis
  • Pension valuations
  • Post-divorce asset transfer facilitation