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Divorce Options and Methods

Collaborative Divorce Versus Cooperative Divorce

Like most everything in life, divorce has changed tremendously over the last several decades. Beyond changes with the way parenting time and finances are divided today, the means to achieve a...


Part 1: Top Divorce Questions: An Interview with Rachel Anderson, Family Law Attorney

The most mutually satisfying divorces often involve a variety of professionals who serve the divorcing couple in advisory roles. From mortgage professionals to therapists to attorneys, the team at...


7 Things to Review Before Signing Final Divorce Papers

Divorce is a tumultuous time where couples race to the finish line. Although the temptation is understandable, it is important to slow down and prevent as many post-decree disputes ahead of time....


7 Tips if a Divorce is on the Horizon

What do you need to know if a divorce is possible in your future?  Regardless of which path your relationship goes, here are seven helpful tips to be aware of:

1. Seek the RIGHT Advice for YOU



Divorce Season: Key Tasks for Success

Divorce season is upon us. January is the most common time for divorces throughout the year, for various reasons. Many couples are trying to get through the holidays for their families, or are...


5 Helpful Tips to Get You Through Divorce

Divorce, separation, breakup. Whether you’re the one who initiated it, or the one on the receiving end, going through it remains a very difficult life transition.

The end of a relationship is not...


Part 2: Can I Financially Afford to Get a Divorce?

In part one of this post, we discuss Discernment Counseling and how couples use this approach to make a decision about taking a next step to fix their marriage or choosing divorce. 

Deb Daufeldt of...


What is a Certified Financial Divorce Analyst?

Going through a divorce can often feel lonely and confusing. Even if you know others who have been through a divorce, the process has evolved significantly in the last decade, and friends and...