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Child Support

Unemployment & Divorce: The Financial Considerations

Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging period, and when coupled with a significant shift in employment, the financial and emotional pressure can be overwhelming. The impact of losing your source of...


Part 2: Top Spousal and Child Support Questions: An Interview with Rachel Anderson, Family Law Attorney

In part one of this post, we introduced Rachel Anderson, family attorney at Anderson Allen, LLC. Rachel works with divorcing couples in Colorado and has experience in all types of family law...


Part 1: Top Divorce Questions: An Interview with Rachel Anderson, Family Law Attorney

The most mutually satisfying divorces often involve a variety of professionals who serve the divorcing couple in advisory roles. From mortgage professionals to therapists to attorneys, the team at...


Stress Testing a Budget in Divorce

Transitioning financially through divorce has many moving parts. Stress testing your strategy regarding how income and expenses can change your circumstances in the future is important to consider....


What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support can be a confusing and complex part of a separation or divorce. It’s state-specific and there are several factors that influence it. From understanding the details of when it’s paid...