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Property Division

Navigating a High Net Worth Divorce: Financial Insights

As a financial professional working with individuals and families for over two decades, and specifically divorce for nearly 9 years, I've encountered numerous complex cases, especially when it comes...


What is a Loan Assumption?

Deciding the fate of marital property is a crucial aspect of any divorce settlement. The process often involves intense emotions and complex financial considerations, making it all the more...


Separate vs. Marital Property: Understanding the division of assets in your divorce

Getting a divorce means learning a whole new vocabulary of legal and financial terms. Therefore, having a team of experts to talk you through new concepts and what to consider as you make important...


What should we do with the home in our divorce? 

If you are going through a divorce, one of the top questions likely on your mind is what to do with your marital home. This decision has financial, emotional, educational, and even social...