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Keeping the Marital Home? Interest Rates Aren’t the Only Challenge

Divorce is a challenging process, and one of the most significant decisions couples face is whether to keep the marital home. While rising interest rates are a major consideration, they are not the...


What is a Loan Assumption?

Deciding the fate of marital property is a crucial aspect of any divorce settlement. The process often involves intense emotions and complex financial considerations, making it all the more...


Options to Handle Rental Properties in a Divorce

While there is so much to sort through in a divorce, splitting up rental properties can add additional complexity to your separation. You do have several options for handling rental assets, and the...


Separate vs. Marital Property: Understanding the division of assets in your divorce

Getting a divorce means learning a whole new vocabulary of legal and financial terms. Therefore, having a team of experts to talk you through new concepts and what to consider as you make important...


What should we do with the home in our divorce? 

If you are going through a divorce, one of the top questions likely on your mind is what to do with your marital home. This decision has financial, emotional, educational, and even social...


What do the current economic conditions mean for housing prices?

If you are going through a divorce or planning to sell your home for any reason, you may be curious how rising interest rates and market uncertainty impact housing prices now and in the future....